Christ Church Anglican is a church that wants you to find your place in a story that started at the beginning of time. And we believe that we find our place through a relationship with God, made possible by Jesus Christ, and the community of His people.

Our compass is God’s Word (the Scripture) and we celebrate in a way that honors rich traditions passed down over centuries—weaving together old and new, seeking both beauty and integrity.

Christ Church Anglican was founded in 2007 and is joined to the Anglican Communion worldwide. On any given Sunday, we read the same Scripture and share liturgy being used in multitudes of churches around the world, in multiple languages, to represent our unity.

We desire to seek the good of the city in which God has placed us and value intentional engagement in our neighborhoods—especially with vulnerable populations.

In short, we believe the story that God has invited us—and you—into is deep, meaningful and full of wonder. We hope you will discover your place in the story with us.