An Adventure

This Sunday, October 29, we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Christ Church. The following memory is shared by Grayson Carter, who provided pastoral leadership and support in the early days of our church.

Late one evening, at the conclusion of one of the many meetings held to discuss the future of the church, and at a moment when many were feeling exhausted and not a little confused about the enormous and complex and highly emotional decision we were contemplating, I had a “chance” encounter with Jack Sides.

I didn’t know Jack very well and his intention to seek me out and speak to me directly and forcefully surprised me a little. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked directly into my eyes, and said: “I’ve had a lot of adventures in my life, including being a fighter pilot in World War II, and, I’ve got to tell you, I’m up for one more adventure!”

His words, spoken with considerable intentionality, inspired great confidence at a critical moment in my thinking. But that wasn’t all. His eyes also contained a mischievous twinkle that spoke volumes to me: “This could be great fun!,” they seemed to say, “Let’s go for it!,” “Let’s enjoy the ride!”

I recall fondly that brief encounter, and Jack’s remarkable confidence, leadership, and goodwill. He was part of that generation of Americans that faced overwhelming challenges and overcame them. To Jack, this was just one more challenge, one more adventure, and he was confident that we could face it and overcome. And we did. And he helped us, tremendously. Thank you, Jack.