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Christian Faithfulness and Same-Sex Attraction Part 1

Several months ago I was with a retired pastor and one of our parishioners. The retired pastor, who lives out of state, asked the parishioner why she came to Christ…

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Jesus for the Disillusioned: Reflections on the Award-Winning “Ida”

I watched 2014 Polish film Ida, which won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The movie, set in 1962 Poland and shot in stark black-and-white, is about a…

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Thoughts on Charles Williams’ “Descent of the Dove”


This blogpost was written by Fr. Chris and published on a site devoted to Charles Williams, one of the “Inklings” in C. S. Lewis’ and Tolkien’s writers group. It appeared on…

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How We Can Embrace Thanksgiving and Resist the Siren Song of Shopping


In an article in Sunday’s New York Times titled, “How to Defeat the Impulse Buy,” psychologist David DeSteno suggests that the best way to resist impulse buying this holiday season…

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Feeling Overcome By “Information”?

The biologist E.O. Wilson famously wrote, “We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom.” He wrote this line in 1998, just as the Internet was becoming the means through…

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