As we grasp the riches of our inheritance as sons and daughters of God, we give as an act of worship, adoration and thanksgiving. We give to invest in Christ’s eternal kingdom and to live in a way that is transformed by God’s generosity to us.

How to Give

1. Give during Sunday worship by placing your check or cash in the offering plate. Many Christians historically divide their giving into weekly or monthly amounts. It’s a tangible way to connect giving and worship.

2. Mail a check to the church office—Christ Church Anglican, P.O. Box 10219, Phoenix, AZ 85064-0219.

3. Set up online bank accounts or use other systems like Quicken to send checks automatically. Simply have them mailed to the church office (same address as above).

4. Donate stocks and mutual funds and other “property.” This often provides you with a double tax benefit (assuming the investment has appreciated and you have held the stock for more than one year). By donating appreciated securities you avoid the capital gains tax faced when selling the stock, and the church pays no capital gains tax when it sells the donated security. Consult a tax professional before initiating any transfer of securities. If you would like to donate appreciated securities, contact Lynne Petrovic at the church office.

The church does not currently support online giving through our website.