Preparing for Lent

Liturgically, this Sunday is the last Sunday after the Epiphany, thus the final Sunday before Lent. So, if you still have them, please bring your palms from last Palm Sunday,…

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Our Financial Peace Story


Kevin and Erin Jones are coordinating a nine-lesson weekly course from Financial Peace University in the Parish Hall beginning Tuesday, March 7. More information is available here. Since 2010 there are two…

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Doing Justly, Loving Mercy


As we approach Lent, I’d like to encourage each of us to read Timothy Keller’s Generous Justice. I’ve asked the staff and vestry to read it, and during Lent a group…

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Update from the Thurmans

Greetings CCA family, We greet you with great joy. We greatly miss our CCA family and are grateful for your ongoing prayers and support. We are living in Gozo, a…

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