Instructed Eucharist

Rich, deep liturgical worship is a hallmark of Anglicanism. At Christ Church, the most frequently asked questions from visitors and new members concern various aspects of the worship service: “Why do you this?” or “What does this mean?”

In an effort to help answer these important questions, we recently spent a Sunday morning walking through the Sunday morning liturgy, explaining the various “movements” along the way. I believe that as we worship with our hearts, minds, and bodies, in Spirit and in Truth, we will become mature disciples, capable of inhabiting God’s story, and then telling that story, through word and deed, to the world around us.

– Fr. Chris Schutte

Part One: Introduction

Part Two: Acclamation

Part Three: Liturgy of the Word

Part Four: Sermon

Part Five: Prayers of the People

Part Six: Offertory

Part Seven: Eucharist

Part Eight: Consecration

Part Nine: The Fraction

Part Ten: Communion

Part Eleven: Post-Communion Prayer