Stewardship is an essential part of discipleship. How we use the resources God has given us – whether our time, our gifts and skills, or our financial resources – is a reflection of our deepest values. As we engage in intentional Christian formation, we believe that our values and desires will be congruent with the reality of God’s kingdom. On this page we’ve included several resources to help us think and act as wise stewards of all that God has given us.

– Fr. Chris Schutte

Stewardship in 2018 by Fr. Chris Schutte

Our Stewardship Commitment by Fr. Chuck Collins and the Vestry

Biblical Stewardship Principles by Bp. John A. M. Guernsey

Lecture: Biblical Stewardship by Bp. John A. M. Guernsey

Sermon: Treasure vs. Money by Tim Keller

Bible Study: Stewardship – Kingdom, Mission, and Money by Tim Keller