What to Expect

Worship Style While worship at Christ Church could be described as formal, the congregation warmly reaches out to people and seeks for all to be at home. Christ Church strives to create a Sunday morning worship time that is both contemplative and reflective—including moments of silence—as well as celebratory. It is not necessary for visitors to be familiar with the Book of Common Prayer or the worship tradition before joining in the service. People come to Christ Church from all kinds of backgrounds and have different levels of familiarity with Anglican worship styles. The first service music is led by an organ and full choir, using traditional Anglican choral pieces, while the second service shifts to an ensemble with piano and various stringed instruments, with worship songs appropriate to a liturgical setting. Both of our services offer the same order of service and Eucharistic liturgy. Learn more here.

Children Children are welcome to stay in the worship service with parents or caretakers or join children’s church or the nursery.

Length of Service A typical Sunday morning service is about an hour and a half and is followed by a coffee time and Adult Education and Sunday school.

Attire People wear a wide range of dress–from jeans to suits and ties.